Young People's Groups:

Following Jesus happens as part of a community. That's why groups are important. In groups we learn to be loved by God and others. Together we can find the hope that Jesus offers and grow in faith in him.

At the moment things keep changing! As of April 2021 we are running:

Weekly youth groups outside for 2 age groups:

Thursday Club for years 6 to 8 at St Andrew's, weekly 6.30-7.30pm.

Thursday Group for years 9 to 13 at St Andrew's, weekly 8-9pm.

Small groups: 
For years 10 to 13, fortnightly. In small groups we focus on sharing life together, reading the Bible and praying together.

Youth Church:
For years 7 to 13 at St Andrew's, fornightly on Sundays, outside round a campfire 7-8pm. 

Find out more about Youth Church HERE.

All of our youth work is currently being run according to safe guidelines provided by the Government (here), the Church of England (here) and the National Youth Agency (here).